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A dude blending wealth and wellness

Who Am I

I’m Austin, blending finance, wellness, and digital creativity to guide your journey towards prosperity and fulfillment through innovative content.

What I Love To Do

Exploring the fusion of AI, biohacking, and mindful living to unlock the full potential of digital entrepreneurship and personal growth.

How It All Started

Hey there! I’m Austin, the face behind this website. I teach people how to create digital revenue streams all while exploring the enriching world of biohacking and mindfulness to open new doors towards optimizing not just our online businesses, but our lives. Wealth and wellness can coexist.

Possibilities go beyond what the eye can see.

Welcome to where wealth meets wellness, and inspiration ignites innovation.

The Full Story About Austin Cleveland

What’s Austin’s story? Growing up in the beautiful but quiet corner of Eastern Canada, I, Austin, was just another kid with dreams bigger than my small town could contain. Armed with nothing but a degree in Business and Marketing and a heart full of ambition, I stepped into the world, unsure of where my path would lead. Like many of you, I was searching for something more—more fulfillment, more freedom, more life.

This journey has been nothing short of a movie montage—breathtaking destinations, a kaleidoscope of cultures and languages, and a network of incredible folks from all walks of life.

Keeping yourself uncomfortable ensures growth.

Now, as I settle into the serene vastness of the Canadian Arctic, I’ve had a moment (or a few) to think about this wild ride, so now that I’ve parked my sled (figuratively speaking) I want to share my journey and the gems I’ve picked up along the way.

I blog to help those who have recently started their entrepreneurial journey, or people seeking to diversify their income streams. I teach regular people how escape the rat race and the 9-5 grind, and I do this by blending unique side hustles and making money online with staying happy and healthy.

Here’s The Journey In Bite-Size Pieces

Taking The Plunge

I bounced around in marketing jobs, feeling kinda out of place, until I decided to let work take me on a cross-Canada adventure. Every new place taught me something cool – about resilience, diversity, and finding little joys in unexpected moments.

Diving Into The Digital World

Eventually, I turned my tales and lessons into a digital hangout spot – a blog. It was all about hitting those SEO marks and creating a space for folks like us to gather. Bit by bit, I built a tribe of awesome people eager to carve out their own paths.

The Big Lightbulb Moment

Along the way, I realized that making money and living well aren’t on opposite ends of the spectrum. They’re best buds. This blew my mind and became my mission – to show others how to make their wallet and soul happy at the same time.

Creating Our Space

I wanted to make a place where anyone, whether you’re just dipping your toes in or you’ve been at it for a while, can come, share, learn, and grow. This community is all about lifting each other up, sharing the wins and the oops moments, and pushing forward together.

Why This Website?

That’s where this website comes in. It started as my digital diary, a collage of lessons learned, interests pursued, and, honestly, a bit of a brain dump. But more than that, I hope it now becomes a goldmine of inspiration for you.

Whether you’re looking to scribble your first line on a blank slate, ignite a conversation that sparks a fire, or build a thriving community, you’ve found your spot.

Now, let’s kick it up a notch. I want this corner of the internet to be your launchpad for finding endless ideas to pad your wallet, from side hustles to blogging, from affiliate marketing to the latest finance and investment trends. All of this, leveled up with the ever so expanding power of AI.

Imagine having all the freshest, most lucrative opportunities just a click away—your one-stop shop for turning a quick buck or even kicking off a full-blown career venture.

But wait, there’s more (just like the commercials!). My fascination with the daily rituals and routines fueled by cutting-edge biohacking, combined with timeless mindfulness techniques used by history’s greatest minds, has led me to a revelation.

Wealth and wellness, seemingly worlds apart, are actually two sides of the same coin. They work together, symbiotically, to propel you toward your peak self and smash your goals without having to compromise.

You know the saying—chasing wealth at the expense of health, only to spend that wealth on reclaiming health later? Here, we’re flipping the script. This community is where we chase and achieve both, to the fullest extent imaginable.

Always the journey, never the destination.

As the age old saying goes, the rest is history… Now, I am running a successful online business and helping others achieve their goals but also shape a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make your bank account grow without sacrificing your zen, I’m your guy.

Life’s a complex journey. Here, I want to show you that navigating it doesn’t have to be.

Together, let’s explore how to turn your passion into profit, all while maintaining the balance that leads to true joy and fulfillment.

Let’s make this journey extraordinary, however that looks like for you.

Click the button below and let’s start this journey together.

My trip from a small town or a regular 9-5 to the digital space is a lot like the journey you might be on or thinking about starting. It’s all about chasing what you believe in, staying true to yourself, and, most importantly, not doing it alone. Let’s make our goals happen, together, with plenty of laughs and learning along the way.

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